Homer Buddha – Jade Version Exclusive Release (I am Retro)
Manufacturer: Kidrobot

aaaah the Simpsons… world’s longest running American animated sitcom… how we love these yellow dudes… I watch the Simpsons almost on daily basis, repeating from their old episodes to the current one, and admitting that I might have a problem ^^’

ahem, that being said, I felt that I know quite well all of their episodes. especially for this Homer Buddha which appeared in Goo Goo Gain Pan within the 16th season) in which Homer posed as Buddha to sneak into an orphanage in China (crazy huh?)

personally, I’m not a fans of Kidrobot’s rendition of Homer Buddha, since IMO, it’s not cartoon accurate. from the expression, hands position, sitting on a huge doughnut, to the missing necklace beads… so when they first released the original and gold color version, I didn’t care much

Homer Buddha Goo_Goo_Gai_Pan_008_0001

this is how he supposed to look man!

then again, back in 2017 they released another different colorway which is an exclusive item to I am Retro online shop, the Jade colorway…

oh maaaan, an instant hook for me. it felt so original, despised the inaccuracies, this version yells out Kidrobot’s originality on almost every aspect!! both the 8 inch and the 3 inch version

so yeah, I snagged the 3 inch version soon after, with a rather cheap price upon waiting for discount

this version has everything similar tot he original and gold version, which meant they came in a Chinese restaurant to-go box style, with two accessories: hand beads and pretzel to accompany Homer. no worries, mine still there, just dont like to display them since they are super tiny and nothing holds em when displayed on Homer’s hands

at the end, the jade colorway bring me to inner peace, made peace with myself, and finally decided to give in to Kidrobot’s Homer Buddha trend…

or might also be just that silly notion on their box: ‘you buy, very lucky’






Santa burger

MOS Santa.jpg

Santa Burger
Manufacturer: unknown

no, not Christmas yet, and I’m also not doing that super early Christmas preparation…

just realized I haven’t upload many material within the Meal Toy category, and why not opened it again with something quite unique… a meal toy, in  a form of Japanese phone strap, from a burger joint, W E I R D

okay, so let’s back up a bit here

the year was 2014, MOS Burger, Japan biggest and most famous burger joint just expanded to Indonesia a year before. the concept was still a burger joint, unlike the current one we are having here that is the MOS Cafe concept. back then, they were celebrating their 1st anniversary in Indonesia by releasing a local version of their famous hand phone strap collection. as a side note, their anniversary is close to Christmas, so hope that help explains the why Santa question

MOS 1st anniv Indonesia.jpg

personally I don’t collect phone strap, but my girl’s main collection is phone strap, so it was a no brain-er, we went to the closest MOS joint in Senayan, and try to get em all. yet unfortunately, they were using a lucky draw method for acquiring those strap. out of many tries, we just managed to grab that Santa Burger variant, which was totally not bad due to the fact it is MOS iconic and went along very well with the season

the built quality of the strap itself is kinda… horrible…

casting excess everywhere, sloppy paint job, and those inaccurate coloring… but hey, it supposed to be just a free charms right? I’m just happy we managed to get a outside Japan-country specific version of the MOS Burger phone strap, that is something to be celebrated


Museum Finds. Rijksmuseum

an awesome information from ddneroxx regarding this exclusive set from Playmobil, dang, wished I knew earlier


These have got to be the one of my all-time favourite finds from museums around Amsterdam! Introducing, the Playmobil toys of two of the most famous paintings in the world: the Nightwatch and the Milkmaid!

WP_20151222_14_01_42_Pro copyWP_20151222_14_03_04_Pro copy

Adorable, aren’t they!?

Well, at first, before going to the Rijksmuseum itself, I didn’t even that these things exist. But then, during one of my lectures, a rep from the Rijksmuseum (who happened to be the guest lecturer that day) showed the pictures of the Playmobil version of the Nightwatch. And I happened to be awake at that time of the lecture, so I was instantly interested. 😉 So, when I got the chance to visit Rijksmuseum, I made sure I visited the museum shop just to get these two adorable sets!

As for the price, it wasn’t that expensive as I initially expected at first. I thought it would cost me like around 10 euros or more, but…

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speed breaker

tricar X8 1988 hotwheel.JPG

Tricar X8
Manufacturer: Hot wheels

one of my oldest collection, it was manufactured in 1988, almost the same age as me. and I wasn’t joking when I said I took a good care of my toys even as a kid, this model been given to me when I was around 2 or 3 yo, lol

Tricar X8, one of the most unique Hotwheels due to the fact it is a three-wheeled diecast from them, released during the era when speed record breaking cars were still a trend back then

this yellow and red version is one of the last models of Tricar they ever produced, and I just loved that retro-postmodern looks (doesn’t make sense? I know….)

still,  the details are amazing!! from that rubber nose tip, rubber fin, clear small cockpit, three layers racing stripes, to the small wheel underneath… I really can say, they don’t make diecast like they used to… I meant, c’mon!!! they produced something that details back in the 80’s with available technologies in toys making almost 3 decades ago!!

perhaps later I can share some other vintage/dino age diecasts from my collection again, no the meantime, enjoy this Original Model






ultimate secret

as you know, I’m quite a fans of sofubi… when Marusan company released their series of mini sofubi. some highly detailed, retro painted, 5 inch sofubi line nicely tucked inside a blind box/trading figure, they simply blown my mind… these mini sofubis became my instant staple…

in each of their line, they usually put one secret figure… that’s the purpose of blind box anyway right? yet this one from Go Nagai’s line has became one of my holly grails…


Big Dai X Marusan.jpg

Big Dai X
Mini Sofubi Collection | Go Nagai line

Manufacturer: Marusan

not only this line is filled with crazy detailed Go Nagai’s characters, their secret figure just really…. a huge treat for Go nagai’s fans…

okay okay, let’s back up a bit…

I realized not many sites discuss about the secret figure from this Marusan Mini Sofubi Collection Go Nagai line, so this is indeed a spoiler… yet a spoiler worth to be informed to the world…

YO GUYS!! the secret figure is none other than the legendary Big Dai X!! WOMG

if you’re not familiar with the character, I dont blame you… this red robot can be considered to be a super unique, super untraditional addition to Go Nagai’s character line

Big Dai X is the ultimate robot came from X Bomber series, again, a super unique 26 episodes of sci fi madness back in the 80’s. more likely to be known as Star Fleet in the UK

it was such a avant garde concept back in the early 80’s, get this:
you got combiner robot like Getter Robot, in Star Wars style space battle, played by bunch of puppets Thunderbirds style….

yo whaaaaaa?!? seriously tho, that happened… you need to watch some of the Youtube clips if you dont believed me: Big Dai X Battle

now into the figure side… we dont have many figures, nor toys, nor chogokin of this character. so having one 5 inch tall figure for a price around 10 bucks or lower simply is a steal, literally a steal!!

granted the details is not as good as the chogokin from Evolution Toy’s Dynamite Action chogokin line (well duuuuuh), but all the needed details are there… from the iconc marking, to that X on her face… everything’s nicely detailed on this Marusan’s sofubi, again, MIND BLOWN!

I got all 10 figures from this line, each one of them being insanely detailed on their paint job, like gradating retro looks of sofubi, which unfortunately this figure dont have… yet the detailing paint on this one simply make it up! plus again, it’s a Big Dai X figure peoples!!

so the next time someone told you that there are only 10 figures within Marusan Mini Sofubi Collection Go Nagai line, you better not believe em… go for the 11th secret figure, in that secret box, lies this 5 inch holly grail…happy hunting fellow Go Nagai fans…






Akiba’s legendary Lawson

in the hearth of Akihabara’super busy street, lies not so average konbini or convenient store…. here lies a Dragon Quest dedicated Lawson…

Lawson Dragon Quest.jpg

in case you are wondering, the sign on the door said: no toilet inside, lol

not really a Dragon Quest fans myself (I still collect some of their iconic figures tho), an avid Dragon quest lover, a friend of mine from the States asked me to do a quick snap and review on this sacred place for Dragon Quest lovers…

even a non Dragon Quest fans like me can really enjoyed the experience!! from the random encounter music you get from entering their door, to the cramped display inside filled with Dragon Quests items from tshirt, mugs to their latest games, this konbini should be called as a Dragon Quest official store instead!!

super awesome experience indeed… if you are a fans of Dragon Quest, this konbini should be within your bucket list when you are visiting Akiba!!

if you don’t know the location, simply find the Mandarake building, that thin tall black building, the konbini located next to it… or just find Aplus building, it’s one of the biggest building in the main street Akiba, the konbini is exactly at the back of this building


side note: this is not the only character dedicated Lawson in Tokyo area, the other one being Fujiko Fujio X Lawson located conveniently near my city in Kanagawa… I really love you Kanagawa and Odakyu line…

EVA X Curry Rice?!?

back in 2017, when I just arrived in Japan’s Kanto region, I saw this crazy banner lying around in Coco Curry’s near my apartment…

EVA Curry.jpeg

first, i just thought what Eva got to do with curry?!?! I can still understand Godzilla vs Eva, but curry?!?

bad joke aside, went inside and got more information from the clerk, that this was a campaign from October to December 2017 in any outlet of Coco Curry, where a costumer can win severals prizes from freakin cool EVA flight jacket to EVA curry plate!!

without hesitate, I just want to join back then!! but later, to my disappointment, it was a lottery system… plus it was about to end when I came there

the system was, with a minimum of 900 or 1000 yen you spent there, you have a chance to upload your receipt into their apps to join the lottery

as you can guessed, I did not won… on luck department, I suck really bad…

as some of you know, I collect jacket, mostly character/anime related ones… dang, really wish I could get this super sweet flight jacket:

coco curry eva flight jacket.jpg

perhaps one day I can snagged one with a decent price from secondary market… there’s always hope!!